Architectural Hardware

Design means the product’s appearance, feel, and comfort of use, and above all, its functionality. Our wide selection includes alternatives for all your needs.

Plumbing Fixtures & More

Looking for a place for all your plumbing needs? We got them! Explore all your plumbing fixtures, parts, and accessory options before you purchase.

Household & Cleaning

We’ve got all the cleaning supplies you need to scrub, sweep, wipe and polish every surface of your home from floors to appliances to toilet bowls and more.

Lawn & Garden

Whatever your space, Home Aid has the tools and supplies you need to create the ultimate outdoor retreat. Find lawn and garden options designed for any climate, any season.

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Check out Homeaid products on BIG DISCOUNTS! Don’t miss them.

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What customers and clients are saying…

John Ortiz
“I loved every single piece of Homeaid equipment I bought for my man cave. Not only did I save a ton of money, they were great! You get more that meets the

Lea Martinez
“For moms like me, I always want to get value for my money. Every Homeaid product I bought did exactly just that. I am a satisfied customer right here.”


Juan Marquez
“I had an opportunity to try out Homeaids’s products for the first time. Initially, I was skeptic because I am used to big brands and thought it would not be worth it. read more

Pedro Rodriguez
“Thank you Homeaid! I am a very satisfied customer right here. Will definitely continue to patronize your products!”