Cable ties are inexpensive, easy-to-use, and versatile. Also called as zip ties, they were invented and in
1958 to gather airplane wires. Since then, zip ties were used by people around the world not only for
fastening together things, but also for other creative uses.

Zip ties offer versatility which can be used on a lot of things. We can use zip ties to seal food bags to
retain the food’s freshness. Additionally, zip ties are perfect to organize cable wires (e.g. computer
wires, mobiles phone wires, etc.) because of their various colors and sizes, which if neglected will be a
tangled mess.

Another great use for zip ties is for our luggage when we are traveling. Nowadays, people tend to travel
a lot than buy things. They want memories which they can treasure rather than the material things in
life. And when traveling, we carry bags, which hold some of our most important things like travel
documents (passport, visa, etc.), money, and gadgets. Often, we leave these bags in luggage
counters/luggage storage services while we enjoy sightseeing our dream destination. Albeit people from
these services are honest and trustworthy, it will not hurt to be sure and take preventive measures from

If your bag has two zippers you can close, use a zip tie to secure the two of them together. While
substituting zip ties for secure locks would not guarantee utmost protection, it will instead add a second
layer of security on your luggage. It will prevent any easy access from thieves and thieves-alike. You can
also utilize the other color variants of the cable ties for easy and extra identification of your bags, which can be proved as helpful when you’re in an airport, especially if you suspected that your bag/s had been opened.

So if you’re planning on travelling and wants to add security on your bags, or if you just want to organize
your wires, or keep your foods fresh and healthy, Use HOMEAID Cable Ties! It comes in a variety of sizes
and colors perfect for your every need. For orders, please click the link below.